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How I Became a Raleigh Wedding and Newborn baby Photographer

Hi, I’m Michelle Gunton. I’ve been photographing weddings and newborn babies for over 8 years in the Raleigh and surrounding areas. It has been truly rewarding to do something I love! I started out photographing maternity and children until a fellow photographer asked me to photograph a wedding with him - I harmoniously said yes! That one special day led me to a love of wedding photography as well as little babies that I’ve pursued over the years and ever since have adored capturing the spontaneous moments that emphasize true love and emotion during each and every wedding and newborn baby I photograph.

My Photography Style - Creative. Photojournalistic. Natural.

One of the number one questions people ask a photographer is - What’s your artistic style? My photography style is to use a creative, photojournalistic approach to tell your love story and with little babies a more portrait approach. What does this mean for your wedding pictures? I focus on relationships. Relationships and personal interaction during a ceremony or reception tell a story and I set out to capture all the love and connections between family and friends on your special day. I love intimate candid shots that express genuine emotion and the richness of love declared on your wedding day.

The Perfect Shot

One thing you'll learn about me pretty quickly is that I’ll do just about anything for the perfect shot, from laying down on the ground, climbing into bushes and trees or dodging traffic running in downtown Raleigh on Fayetteville St. I love finding the best opportunity and angle for that super special photo. The thought of creative lighting and purposeful processing are something you can count on in each shot, as well as elegant, high quality images that express your personality and style. To see what I mean, you can always browse through my portfolio.

One Less Thing To Worry About When Hiring a Wedding and Baby photographer

I’ve found there is more to being a passionate baby and wedding photographer than just taking beautiful photos. That’s only half the job. The other half is providing an experience of working together that’s enjoyable for everyone involved. With so much on your plate right now planning your very special wedding, or the arrival of your little baby, I do not want to add additional stress to your life, but rather I want to give you one less thing to worry about. Over the years, I’ve dedicated myself to being a Raleigh, Durham photographer you can rely on to follow through with my promises, be there diligently capturing all the special moments of your wedding and newborn baby, and to quickly provide you with your gorgeous photos within just two to three weeks after the event.

If you would like to learn more and catch a glimpse of my photographic style, I encourage you to glance through my portfolio and to give me a call or an email for a quick chat. I look forward to meeting you!